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About Us

Get the most out of your language project with our tailored solutions.

We take pride in introducing Transcribe Lingo as the world’s only translation agency that employs professionals like doctors, lawyers and market researchers to deliver an extensive range of language solutions like translation, transcription and interpreting to our worldwide clients. 

We don’t believe in quick fixes. We’re proud to rely on and invest heavily in human intelligence instead. If ever we use tech solutions, it’s to boost productivity and nothing more! Otherwise, we’re a full-suite translation agency 100% driven by human translators who offer multilingual content translation to help businesses and institutions communicate freely with their internal and external audiences.

Some features that are unique to us as a translation agency, include:

Single Source Provider

We’re a single-source provider of a range of language services that include the following: translation, transcription, and interpreting. We will assign you a dedicated project manager who will help you get the right solution for your translation needs.

Secure, Confidential Service

We’re the provider of secure and confidential language services, translating sensitive documents between languages accurately with easy and secure options available to upload documents for translation.

Managed Service

We offer a fully-managed translation service where we guide you at every stage of the process to get the best possible results for your project. We will create the best team around your needs that will include a team of translators, interpreters, transcriptionists and other resources and tools to ensure we deliver top quality translations always.


We remain accountable for the services we offer and the processes we use to deliver those services. We audit the quality and management of our services on a regular basis to ensure a smooth rendition of services in order to remain at top of other agencies.

Qualified Linguists

Transcribe Lingo houses a team of qualified linguists who are specialists in the field. In other words, we assign translators who are doctors to translate medical documents, and lawyers to translate legal documents, and so on.

Language Solutions for Every Industry

Translations, Transcriptions, and Interpretations

You need single source language solutions and we deliver just the same. We have a team of in-house linguists and collaboration with professional doctors, lawyers, researchers, etc. As a result, we’re better equipped to provide service that is accurate and fast. 

Along with linguistic capabilities, our translators are vetted for their professionalism and working experience in the industry so that we deliver quality service worry-free. Consequently, with a wide variety of translators at our disposal, we assign sector-specific translators to your project who is native to the language and understands the specific linguistic and cultural needs of your industry. 

So with a strong community of acclaimed linguists with working experience in a wide variety of sectors, we promise transparency, speed, and competence to our clients. Whether you’re a big or small business, a public or private institution, we’re perfectly capable of delivering a wide range of translation, transcription, and interpreting services.

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