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Expert-Led Translation Services

Transcribe Lingo stands out among language service providers for its proven track record in multilingual translation services and translation project management. We assist businesses running short on time and workforce with their language projects. We’re perfectly equipped to undertake translation projects of all sizes. 

Just request a quote and get access to a dedicated project manager who will manage your project and deliver a perfect solution tailored to the needs of your business!

Our Process

Initial Assessment

The process begins with our experts thoroughly assessing your document’s or content’s style, tone, context, technical language, and other requirements.


Based on our initial analysis, we assign an experienced translator who best understands the stylistic, cultural, and linguistic requirements of the source document and translates accordingly.


The final draft goes to the Project Manager for his review. Once approved for delivery, the documents are prepared for delivery in the right format via secure channels.

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Key to Success

The translation isn’t just the conversion of written words from the source to the target language. It’s more than that. 

The key to success lies in conveying the meaning in exactly the same tone and with the same intent as in the original document. Our translators do exactly the same thing. Because they’re conversant not just in language as such, but have a thorough understanding of its use in professional settings, which includes the mastery of vocabulary and terminology specific to your industry. 

Our translators break down the written document to uncover the real intent with which the message to be translated has been written, and use their language skills to convey the same in the target language while accounting for regional variations in culture and dialect between the two language pairs.


Translate in every language

Grow your Business Globally with our Translation Services

Building trust is all about communicating effectively! For any business that is trusted by its audience, the sky is the limit! Yet the truth is most companies are short on time or lack the linguistic expertise required to translate content into other languages. That doesn’t mean you’d have to give up overseas ambitions!

Instead, you can win that much-needed trust with our language solutions to succeed in the overseas market. Our professional translation services will take care of your language requirements by assigning translators whose skills match your requirements perfectly. 

Transcribe Lingo provides fast delivery of accurate translation service suited for business settings both inside and the outside. This is made possible by our project managers who streamline the entire process from start to the finish and take the burden off of your shoulders.

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