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Premium language solutions: doctors for medical translation; lawyers for legal translation; market researchers for market research transcription, from our team of expert linguists.

Premium Language Solutions

At Transcribe Lingo, we understand that the true worth doesn’t solely reside in our actions, but rather in the individuals executing them and the manner in which they do so. What sets us apart from other translation agencies is the profound trust and dependability our clients place in our services.

Overcome Language Barriers

Partner with us to surmount the language barriers that hinder international expansion. Together, our team and your project managers can collaborate closely to discover customized solutions that cater to your specific requirements. Let’s work in synergy to achieve your goals.

Customized Language Solutions

Partner with us in overcoming language barriers that impede international growth. Through close collaboration between our team and your project managers, we can find tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. Let us work together synergistically to achieve your goals.

Our Services

Be wary of quick fixes offered in the garb of the ‘tech revolution.’ Leverage our human-led language solutions for cross-border and cross-language business communication anywhere in the world. Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs and are delivered by expert professionals.

Translation Service

Want professionals who understand your industry inside out to undertake your translation project? At Transcribe Lingo your project is in the right hands. We offer full-suite translation services in multiple languages for multiple industries.

Transcription Service

Accurate transcription is an absolute necessity if the aim is to store data and information for a longer period of time. We transcribe securely from both English and other languages with an emphasis on protecting privacy and confidentiality.

Interpreting Service

Assign interpreters who can converse fluently between languages over the phone or from booths to help your international events rock. Put simply, no matter the circumstances, we will ensure your message gets across to the right people in the right manner.

A Premium Solution for your Language Requirements

Reliability is earned after years of efforts to deliver quality results, and so are trust and expertise. You can’t buy it. You have to earn it for yourself! At Transcribe Lingo, we believe the value lies not in what we do but in who does it and how he does it. That we offer trust, reliability and trust, differentiates us from other agencies in the field of language services and puts us a notch above the rest!

We house a team of expert translators with firsthand experience in your industry to do the translation.  You can be a market research company looking for a translation or transcription service, or maybe a pharmaceutical company in need of transcriptionists, irrespective of whether you’re this or that, you will be provided premium language solutions delivered by experts in the respective field. For example, a professional doctor will do translation and transcription if the client is a pharmaceutical company. Similarly, if it is a market research company, only market research experts will be assigned to your project.

Use Transcribe Lingo to Overcome Language Barriers Forever Requirements

Send us documents in any language and form, digital as well as printed documents, and receive back translation at a lightning-fast speed.  Partner with us to overcome language barriers, which are an impediment to international growth. Let’s work in tandem – your team and our project managers – to find tailored solutions for your needs. 

Harness your business’s untapped potential and pave the way for it to grow internationally by bridging the gap between your business and its overseas customers with our language solutions.

Dedicated and Personalised Service

We take care of client’s specific needs and personalize our services accordingly. So whether you’re a small startup or a big corporation, be sure to receive a dedicated and personalised service at Transcribe Lingo. What else we guarantee is industry-specific experience and the capability to meet any deadline to provide premium translation of your materials within an agreed time.

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