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eLearning Language Solutions

At Transcribe Lingo, we provide educational and business organisations with premium translation, interpretation, transcription and cutting-edge eLearning localisation services to produce learning and training materials in multiple languages for their non-English audience. 

For a wider section of global learners, remote learning has opened new opportunities to learn new skills. And the case is the same for the business sector as well where remote working has become the norm and companies hire employees across the world. In both cases, what’s most needed is the language services to translate educational materials into different languages so that non-English learners can benefit.

elearning language solutions

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What is E-Learning Translation?

eLearning translation means translating educational materials from a source language into one or more target languages and adapting the same for the target culture in terms of its tone and presentation. So it’s a combination of translation and localisation that adds to the sophistication of eLearning language solutions. With our expert solution for the eLearning industry, we deliver translations that are performed by native-speaking linguists and are consistent with the target audience’s cultural and linguistic differences.


Transcribe in every language

eLearning Translation & Localisation to Engage Global Audiences

Personalizing training materials is a new challenge for corporations and universities with the rise in remote working and learning. Although E-learning platforms cater to the educational needs of learners globally, what’s needed is the translation and localization services to make learning accessible to a much wider learning community who prefer their native language over English.

Transcribe Lingo aims to bridge the language gap between learners and training providers through its host of language services, including translation, localization, voiceovers, subtitling, and transcriptions – all aligned toward one singular goal that your learning objectives be met.

Why Use Our eLearning and Training Translation Services?

As said before, eLearning translation is a sophisticated process and needs someone who is a subject matter expert and a native speaker of the target language to do the translation and localisation. At Transcribe Lingo, we have the linguistic expertise as well as the experience in the eLearning sector coupled with a deep understanding of the target culture, to provide you with the most comprehensive eLearning language solutions.

On the technical side when it comes to client privacy and confidentiality. Transcribe Lingo guarantees security, privacy, and confidentiality, besides SSL encryption and NDA protection to our clients. Simply put, you can rely on our services for accurate and secure eLearning solutions for your educational institute or business organisation and speak to your native audience in their mother tongue as seamlessly as possible.

Our eLearning Language Services

Explore our full-service language solutions tailored for the eLearning sector.

eLearning Translation & Localisation Services

Accurately translate and localise all your eLearning materials for multilingual use.

eLearning Interpretation Services

Promote multilingual learning with our on-site and remote interpretation services.

eLearning Subtitling & Captioning Services

Make video learning accessible with our multilingual subtitles for eLearning resources.

eLearning Voiceover & Dubbing Services

Leverage our multilingual voice-overs and dubbing to reach an international audience.

eLearning Transcription Services

Store knowledge with multilingual audio transcriptions for eLearning videos and share and read through easily.

eLearning Content We Translate in Educational Settings

    • E-learning materials
    • Academic papers
    • Textbooks
    • Student handbooks
    • Website and marketing materials

      Our mother-tongue translators and interpreters deliver flawless interpretation to ensure your study material is understood by non-English speaking students provided to you by our:

        • Face-to-face language translators 
        • Remote learning translators

      To deliver flawless interpreting both in person and remotely via telephone or through other mediums like Zoom.

      eLearning Content We Translate in Business Settings

      We make educating your workforce easy by translating and localizing your Training & eLearning content in multiple languages so that your overseas employees receive training materials in their mother tongue.

        • Resource files
        • LMS interfaces
        • Training videos
        • Training guides and manuals
        • Instructor-led training materials
        • Documents and meeting materials

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