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Market Research

Did you know why market research companies use Transcribe Lingo for their language services requirements?

We tell you ‘why’? Transcribe Lingo offers fast delivery of professional market research translation, transcription and interpretation services with a fast turnaround time. We don’t use computer programs but deploy human intelligence to provide market research companies with quality language solutions. Therefore, for local, regional and global market research, you have a perfect partner in Transcribe Lingo to achieve global success through dedicated project management.

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Market Research


Transcribe Lingo offers professional translation services performed by humans, not machines. We have years of experience in translating market research materials into multiple languages with unmatched accuracy.


We use human transcribers when it comes to market research transcription. Only transcribers with relevant experience in market research are assigned to deliver fast transcripts in multiple languages.


The backbone of market research is multilingual communication. At Transcribe Lingo, we house native interpreters to help market research companies communicate freely in any language anywhere in the world.


Transcribe in every language

Generate Useful Data Through Our Market Research Language Solutions

We all know fully why we conduct market research. It’s to generate useful data which can be analysed to extract valuable insights. Needless to say, every word in market research documentation counts. From questionnaires to case studies to focus groups, one can sense the inevitability of language solutions like the translation of questionnaires, transcription of interviews, and interpretation of focus group discussions.

We provide all these solutions in one place and account for local cultural sensibilities. We help market researchers connect with their audience no matter where they’re based in global markets. Whether you’re doing quantitative or qualitative fieldwork, we make sure your research generates valuable data which helps grow your business far and beyond.

Market Research Language Services for Businesses

Today, businesses are more upfront with their international expansion plans. Expanding to international markets is rewarding. Before you actually sift, you’d want to leverage market research to gauge how well your products and services will be received in a particular market. We can assist by translating and localising your research materials into the local language and culture.

Guaranteed Data Security

One of the major concerns for businesses seeking translation services is data security. Our market research language services are confidentiality sensitive. We, in other words, pay special attention to privacy and data security and ensure it’s protected at all costs. All the information shared with us remains confidential. No information is disclosed. We don’t use AI tools for translation or transcription, where the risks of data theft are highest. We use human translators and transcribers bound by a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ to ensure data security.

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