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How Transcribe Lingo Rescued a Major Law Firm

Case Study:

The Challenge

Fighting an international litigation case, a reputed law firm in London contacted Transcribe Lingo for a last-minute translation request from French to English. It was a last-minute call partly because the agency they had originally hired had backed off as it couldn’t handle such a voluminous project as over 150,000 words in a week’s time; and partly because they had perhaps no law specific knowledge and struggled to work around complex legal terminology.

Transcribe Lingo came to their rescue and saved the firm from a major embarrassment while fighting a high profile case whose details we’re bound by a confidentiality agreement not to divulge. The nature of the documents we were to translate was financial and legal. The fact that these documents contained various tables of financial nature made the project a lot more challenging. In addition to the translation of the text, tables and charts had to be reproduced exactly in the translated documentation as in the original. 

The sheer volume of the documentation up for translation was enormous. Agreeing to work on it was a challenge in itself. The translation agency previously commissioned to work on it had asked for at least two months to complete it. Yet we agreed to accept the challenge and get it done!

The Solution

Transcribe Lingo assigned a team of legal experts some of whom were lawyers themselves to translate the documents. Right away, we knew that if translators with no prior experience in the legal field were tasked to do the translation it would not yield quite the same results we expected and would drag on forever even when knowing we’ve got a limited time. This is where we differ from other translation agencies. Transcribe Lingo houses translators who have a background in various industries including legal, finance, medicine, etc. 

The team was all pumped up to deliver on time and strategized together to divide the project into smaller units with set deadlines. In the team were translators with past experience in or domain expertise in legal and financial sectors, consequently faced no difficulty in translating terms specific to these respective fields. Transcribe Lingo is a human-driven translation agency. But that doesn’t mean we don’t leverage technological tools available to streamline the translation process. We used translation management tools to manage the project more efficiently and achieved better results in a shorter span of time.

It was during the translation of financial documentation that we created a reproducible template for repetitive financial documents like bank statements and assigned typesetting professionals for replicating figures. In other words, we were able to work on such voluminous documentation because we’re adequately staffed. We streamlined the process by breaking the whole project into smaller components with our in-house professionals taking on each component they’re experts in. That’s to say, legal translators translated legal documentation and financial experts translated financial documentation. Typesetting professionals replicated figures. Consequently, the whole process was completed promptly and accurately and the project was delivered on time to the surprise of our client.

The Result

Transcribe Lingo was able to deliver an accurate translation of legal documents within the deadline. In fact, the whole project was completed to excellent quality and standard within the specified period, exceeding the client’s expectations beyond measure. Put simply, Transcribe Lingo succeeded in translating over 150,000 words from Russian to English performed by native speakers with a background in law and finance and offered an insanely quick turnaround.

This all was made possible by our experienced legal and finance translators, we were able to deliver to the satisfaction of our client a very complex assignment on such short notice without compromising on the quality of translation.