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Expert-Led Transcription Services

At Transcribe Lingo a team of linguists who are vetted for their linguistic skills and industry experience, perform transcription. Depending on your sector, a transcriber with relevant experience is chosen to transcribe the audio or video recording into text, no matter medical, education, business, or market research sectors.

Put simply, a doctor performs medical transcription while a lawyer carries out legal transcription, and the same holds for other sectors. This is done to ensure accuracy and fast delivery of transcripts.

Our Process

Initial Assessment

The process begins with our experts thoroughly assessing the language, style, context, and technical language of your recordings.


Based on our initial analysis, we assign an experienced transcriber who best understands the stylistic, cultural, and linguistic requirements of the source recording and transcribes accordingly.


The final transcript goes to the Project Manager for his review. Once approved for delivery, the transcripts are prepared for delivery in the right format via secure channels.

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Transcribe your Content on Time

Using non-reliable automated tools like software for transcription can adversely affect your business. It will distort the linguistic coherence of the recordings and produce documents which don’t make much sense. Documents that are incomprehensible and don’t lend themselves easily to analysis, are as good as nothing! That’s why it’s important to assign a reliable transcription provider to transcribe your content within the stipulated time. 

At Transcribe Lingo, we deliver accurate transcripts in multiple languages with fast turnaround times. Get quality transcripts with Transcribe Lingo for recordings, whether in audio or video format, of interviews, meetings, conferences, speeches, etc. We transcribe accurately and quickly between the same language or from one language to another. All transcripts we produce undergo quality checks to ensure no errors creep in!

Guaranteed Confidentiality for Sensitive Documentation

Our transcription service is confidentiality sensitive. In other words, we pay special attention to privacy and data protection. All the information shared with us remains confidential. Put simply, we deploy sector-specific transcribers for audio-video transcription of recordings from sectors like finance, education, market research, legal, etc.

Translate Audio or Video into Another Language Directly

We can translate audio/video content into another language directly and convert it into a written document without having to first transcribe it into the source language. We can do this for market research interviews, webinars, marketing videos, films, etc. requiring quick transcription into another language. For example, a market research interview in German could be transcribed directly into English in a single step. It’s less time-consuming than transcribing it into German and then translating the transcript from German to English. 

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