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Legal Aid Translators

Professional Legal Aid Translation Services in the UK 

Partner with Transcribe Lingo to work with the leading legal aid translators in the United Kingdom. You can take advantage of our quality and affordable legal aid translation services to translate all kinds of documents into 14 languages. We have got years of experience working in the legal sector, providing law firms and legal professionals with multiple language services

Not just the affordability of our legal aid rates, but what else sets us apart is the quality with which our authorised translators deliver translations in a quick turnaround time, along with dedicated project management. With us, you get to work with translators who have real experience in the legal sector and are adept in legal terminology and vocabulary to produce native-sounding translations with guaranteed accuracy.

We help translate court orders, witness statements, intellectual property, patents, and documentation related to disputes. Therefore, wait no more; get in touch to meet all your legal aid translation needs efficiently. From the remote, off-the-site translation to on-site legal aid translations at court, we have you covered. In addition to translation, we can also assist with legal transcription services and legal aid interpreting.

How it Works

Upload & Select your Service

Securely upload your files via email and encrypted data transfer systems. Select from a range of transcription services offered to place your order.

Transcription Work Starts

After recording your details, the project manager will assign an experienced transcriber whose skills match your requirements to deliver transcripts within the agreed deadline.​

Transcripts Delivered Securely

Third, we will deliver all transcripts to you via email or other preferred methods and in your preferred format, downloadable and editable.​

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Why Take Advantage of Legal Aid

Unable to pay for your own legal representation? Don’t worry, you won’t be left out of the legal system, but given a fair chance at justice. In other words, through legal aid in the UK, any person can have a fair shot at legal representation in a trial or tribunal. So take advantage of it to get justice from UK courts. Beyond legal aid, there’s also a need for translation services, transcription services, and interpreting services to support your case if multilingual content is involved. 

That effectively means, we could assist you in your legal battle irrespective of whether you’re a legal professional or a law firm, through our legal aid translations in every city in the United Kingdom, including in London. While at the same time ensuring legal terminology is expertly taken care of and that no mistranslation happens.


Transcribe in every language

Quick, Cost-Effective, and Reliable Legal Aid Translation Company

Legal aid is a specialised legal field and requires exceptional skills and project management capabilities from the agency in order for the project to run smoothly. We assign seasoned project managers to ensure talented linguists with sector knowledge and experience work on your project and to ensure smooth and efficient delivery of services without a headache to our clients. Other features that give us an edge over our competitors are that we’re:

Quick: We meet deadlines no matter what even if that means working tirelessly for our translators around the clock to deliver quality translations on time!

Cost Effective: We are the most cost-effective language services company charging the most reasonable prices for our legal aid translation services.

Reliable: Reliability is something we’re really proud of. Not just the courts, but Home Office and other organisations recognise and accept our translations.

Hire Legal Aid Translators

Wait no more if you need legal aid translation services to hire our authorised legal aid translators in the UK. we can provide you with quality, accurate and secure legal aid translations that are highly confidential. Your legal documents will be translated by industry experts when you hire our specialists. So whether you are a lawyer, solicitor or a law firm that needs translation services to translate decrees, witness statements, deeds, judgements, petition documents, litigation documents, insurance claim documents, and other legal documents, you can contact us directly at +44 121 295 8707 (UK) or email on hello@transcribelingo.com.  Besides translation, we can also help with transcription and interpreting services, all the while keeping the project completely confidential. All of our translators have signed a “non-disclosure agreement” and can do it again should you want us to sign it as an agency.

Legal Aid Translations for Solicitors, Lawyers and Other Law Practitioners

Solicitors, lawyers or other legal professionals rely on and use Transcribe Lingo’s expert legal aid translators to get things done when it comes to translating legal documents. All in all, our legal translators can help you translate witness statements, and immigration and contract documents. Got other legal documents to translate? We can translate them as well, besides helping with international arbitration in 14 language pairs.

Certified Legal Aid Translation Services

If on top of translation, certification is also needed, you have come to the right place for certified legal aid translations. As is usually the case, legal documents are required to be translated as well as certified. So you need someone specialised to help with both legal translation and certification. We can sign a sworn affidavit to authorise that our court-approved translation is a complete and accurate copy of the source text and can be used as its legal equivalent.

Authorised Legal Aid Translators

We at Transcribe Lingo house authorised translators to take up legal aid projects. Besides their authenticity, they also have experience, sector-specific knowledge and subject understanding that they leverage in translating legal documents in the United Kingdom. The perfect combo of technical and linguistic skills enables them to deliver legal language solutions with speed, accuracy, and reliability.

With their impeccable understanding of various legal subjects, including international law, company law, employment law, criminology, family law, and other legal studies, our linguists translate legal documents related to any case accurately from one language to another, including English, French, German, Arabic, and more.

Why Us?

It’s for the reason that legal translation is complex, and we’ve got years of experience and linguistic expertise in translating legal documents. We’ve been undertaking legal aid projects to the great satisfaction of our clients and delivering outstanding services. With an eye for detail and the use of native linguists, we can deliver quality translations within a quick turnaround time that are absolutely error-free. When it comes to privacy and protecting confidentiality, we have ample security measures in place including SSL encryption and NDA protection

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