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Professional Game Localization Services 

Take advantage of our game localization services in the United Kingdom and prepare your game for launch in any foreign market in any language. As a localization provider specialising in the gaming industry, we help translate and localise a video game to help developers take advantage of the global gaming market. 

Localization is more than just translating a game’s text like dialogues. Although a large chunk of it involves gaming text translation, localization entails adapting the game’s text to the local culture and language as accurately as possible. For example, regional cultural norms have to be taken into account when localising a game’s graphics and imagery. When localising for a Chinese market, for example, the use of religious symbolism, skulls, and blood is prohibited. Others cultures and markets also have reservations regarding certain things, which can and cannot be included in the game.

Therefore, you should only partner with a game localization provider than can ensure translation accuracy and compliance with local regulations and cultural norms. At Transcribe Lingo we leverage the technical and linguistic skills of expert gaming translators to help developers with translation and localisation services.

Professional Gaming Translation Services


As more and more people turn to video games, you have a great chance to capitalize on the growing number of users and win capital dividends. You can achieve quick success in the fast-growing gaming market if you found a way to overcome the only impediment to your success. It’s the language barrier, which curtails the reach of your video game and the solution is our gaming translation services, which make gaming more accessible.  

So if you’re a gaming company wanting to ensure your game is accessible to global users, reach out to us today.  You can be a non-English gaming company looking to translate to English, or say an English company looking to translate a video game to Chinese, we have you covered as we have specialists for 14 languages. So wait no more to take advantage of our gaming translation services to break language and cultural barriers today. Fill in our contact form!

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Local Translators

At Transcribe Lingo local translators who are native speakers and have a good understanding of the local culture work on your project. That’s our way of ensuring quality and accuracy as local linguists are better equipped to take cultural subtleties into account and produce truly native-sounding translations. 

Our translators are not just equipped with language capabilities and cultural understanding but also with subject knowledge and experience working on gaming translation and localization projects.  With our gaming localisation services, you can make video games accessible across cultures and languages to make them locally consumable. 


Transcribe in every language

We Can Translate and Localise:  


Game Text ➤ Game Instructions & Manuals ➤ Game Dialogues ➤ Gaming Software ➤ In-Game Tutorials, Menus, and Buttons ➤ User Reviews ➤ Promotional Material ➤ Licence Agreement and more. 

Why Localize Video Games?

Statista says the global mobile game market size is $152.50bn as of 2022. A key factor in such tremendous growth is video game localization services that made games accessible and locally consumable.

As more users across cultures and languages turn to video games in great numbers, language services for the gaming industry have only grown in popularity and importance. That means if you are keen on capturing new markets, video game localization and translation services can prove useful in introducing your games to local consumers. In other words, translating and localizing games will only widen the reach of your productions and ensure a thumping global success. 

Therefore, if you too want to increase the reach of your games so that millions more get to play your games, localizing video games is imperative. And we will offer you affordable and accurate localization services, along with gaming translation services. 

Contact for Gaming Translation and Localisation Services in the UK

Get in touch with us to accurately translate and localise your games. We ensure you have a seamless experience working with us. Our language services are specially tailored for the gaming industry to meet its unique needs linguistic as well as cultural.

For example, if you want to introduce your games to over 900.6 million Chinese internet users and get your piece of the pie out of USD 36,540 million in video game revenue in China, we can help translate and localise your games in Chinese. Similarly, you can tap into the USD 35,510 million US gaming industry to set your own game for success by having it translated and localized into English. The same holds for gaming translation and localization into Japanese, Korean, and other languages.

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