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Premium Hebrew-English Translation Services

Translate Securely Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew Today 

Transcribe Lingo houses native linguists who are industry experts in their field to provide market research companies, law firms and businesses with premium translation services to and from Hebrew. Across the sectors, clients translate documents, websites and app contents, and marketing and PR documents, using our secure Hebrew translation services. Engage better with your Hebrew-speaking audience with our accurate language solutions.

Our Process

Initial Assessment

The process begins with our native-speaking linguists thoroughly assessing your translation requirements like style, tone, context, technical language, etc.


Based on our initial analysis, we assign a sector-specific native translator who understands the cultural and linguistic essentials of our clients’ translation project.


The final draft goes to the Project Manager for his review. Once approved, the translation is prepared for delivery in the right format via secure channels.

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Hebrew Translations, Transcriptions & Interpreting Services

Hebrew Translation

Transcribe Lingo offers professional translation services performed by humans, not machines. We have years of experience translating market research & legal documents to and from Hebrew into multiple languages with unmatched accuracy.

 Hebrew Transcription

We use human transcribers to transcribe Hebrew recordings for market research & legal firms that need transcription. Quickly & accurately transcribe Hebrew to English using our Hebrew to English transcription services & receive high-quality transcripts.

Hebrew Interpreting

Multilingual communication is the backbone of market research & international litigation. We house native Hebrew interpreters to help market research & law firms communicate freely in any language using our Hebrew simultaneous & consecutive interpretation.


Translate in every language

Translate Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew

Transcribe Lingo helps firms like yours in the field of law, market research and gaming to translate text from Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew. We’ve helped private as well as public organisations communicate freely in Hebrew as fluently as natives. Irrespective of whether you are from Europe, Asia, Africa or America, we’re perfectly capable to deliver Hebrew to English translations, Hebrew to English transcriptions and Hebrew to English interpretation services

Hebrew Translation and Localization Services

Transcribe Lingo offers premium Hebrew translation and localization services. We assist small as well as large companies in their endeavour for global expansion. Whether it’s to fight international litigation or conduct market research in Hebrew, we help law firms and market research companies of all shapes and sizes find perfect language solutions tailored to their needs. Let us manage your English to Hebrew translation projects with greater flexibility and efficiency to cater to your translation needs.

Get in touch today for Hebrew legal translation services, Hebrew market research translation services, Hebrew document translation, Hebrew website localization, Hebrew video translation, Hebrew on-demand interpretation, Hebrew voiceovers and subtitling, Hebrew multicultural marketing, Hebrew medical translation, Hebrew legal transcription, Hebrew market research transcription, Hebrew medical transcription, etc.

Certified Hebrew-English Translators & Transcribers

At Transcribe Lingo, we house a network of skilled Hebrew-English translators & transcribers with a professional background in legal and market research sectors to deliver translations, transcriptions and interpretations in Hebrew-English language pairs. We only appoint linguists who are native speakers and vetted for their professionalism and specialism to deliver translations & transcriptions ‘to and from Hebrew’.

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