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Case Studies

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For new clients to trust us, we have to be trusted by old ones. To say the least, clients who have worked with us have shown full faith in our ability to handle large volume projects. These case studies are a window to the processes we follow and an anatomical view of how we always manage to deliver within deadlines. Want to see how we have fared? Pick and read a case study.

Featured Case Studies

How Transcribe Lingo Assisted a Leading Market Research Agency in Multi-Country Studies

Surely, market research agencies do relish multi-country studies. But it also means catering to respondents from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Read here.

How Transcribe Lingo Rescued a Major Law Firm

Fighting an international litigation case, a reputed law firm in London contacted Transcribe Lingo for a last-minute translation request from French to English. Read here.

verbatim transcript for a university student

Verbatim Transcript for a University Student

Transcribing research interviews for university professors and students is nothing new to us at Transcribe Lingo. But there’s something in this case study for you that will clear a few things about academic research interviews that you too might need to be transcribed in the future. Read it here.

How Transcribe Lingo Helped a Financial Firm Transcribe HR Meetings

How Transcribe Lingo Helped a Financial Firm Transcribe HR Meetings

Transcribe Lingo was contacted by a large financial institution to help with transcription services for HR meetings, which we delivered in multiple formats within a quick turnaround. Read how we helped them and what was approach here.

How Through Our Language Services a Manufacturing Company Formed a Team of Foreign Workers in UK

It’s least surprising when manufacturing companies call us for translation, transcription and interpreting services. Transcribe Lingo received a call from a leading manufacturing company in the United Kingdom, but it was unlike any other. Read it here.

Result Oriented Language Solutions

We’re a result-oriented language service provider offering services in all major languages. From small to large corporations, we have helped countless businesses increase their global footprint with our personalized language solutions. We have been partners in the global expansion of a number of businesses whom we’ve helped overcome language barriers to reap the benefits of the global economy.

We offer personalized solutions for each market, language and culture. That is why businesses across industries outsource their translation and localization projects to us. If you want to explore new markets and grab new opportunities overseas, we will propel your journey with our language services and support. We offer a wide range of translation, transcription and interpreting services, each aimed at helping businesses overcome linguistic and cultural obstacles to reach new markets. Contact us today to see how we can help!