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How Transcribe Lingo Helped Manufacturing Company Build a Team of Remarkable Workers

Case Study:

The Situation

Transcribe Lingo received a call from a leading manufacturing company in the United Kingdom. The client lamented its inability to build a team of skilled foreign workers that it wanted to assemble in the UK. The few workers that it had managed to onboard weren’t performing to the best of their abilities.

The Challenge

The call came as no surprise to Transcribe Lingo as it has received such panicky calls before as well. In the brainstorming session, it was decided to get into the mission mode right away. A team was delegated to the company to analyze the situation from the grassroots and submitted its report on three challenges it had figured the company was facing in terms of its failure to assemble a team of German workers in its UK manufacturing unit. 

Challenge 1

with respect to the onboarding of foreign workers was the limited availability of time and workforce. The client had no time and no employee to spare to work full-time on the time-consuming onboarding process.

Challenge 2

was the workers’ documents. Since the documents of these workers were in German, it posed a linguistic challenge because for visa applications and settling workers into the respective accommodations, documents to be produced before various authorities need to be in English.

Challenge 3

was workers’ training and orientation. The German workers onboarded under the Skilled Worker Visa arrangement by our client were highly skilled, yet their performance wasn’t optimal. Our team traced the reason to the inability of workers to connect with instructors and training materials.

Nothing was amiss on the skill side, if anything was hurting their performance it was their …

        • inability to understand the instructions imparted in English
        • inability to learn Health and Safety Training instructions,
        • inability to comprehend training material.

The Solution

After we received the call, we set out to meet their team and analyze the situation up close. Our initial analysis lead us to propose a three-pronged solution that we presented to the client. What we found the company was lacking and due to which it wasn’t performing optimally were interpretation, translation, and project management.

Solution 1

We offered the interpretation service with one of our manufacturing industry experts visiting the company’s manufacturing unit and interpreting live training instructions as well as recorded sessions in the workers’ native language. 

Solution 2

We offered the translation service and translated all documents of their workers from German to English. This way they could apply for visas, work permits, etc. quite easily and fast.

Solution 3

We assigned a dedicated project manager to manage the project at every step and take the burden off of the company. With our project manager at the helm of affairs, the entire process was streamlined and worked out efficiently besides saving the company hundreds of hours and human resources.  

In a nutshell, what Transcribe Lingo team did was overcome the language barrier by translating the client’s Training Materials into the native language of workers, and working in tandem with their Training Team to impart the instructions in German. All the while our project management team acted as a bridge connecting linguists with the right skill-set to work closely with our client’s team on their language projects.

Transcribe Lingo assisted not just with training and delivering the course in the native language, but with the onboarding process as well. Not a single glitch was reported, everything was delivered smoothly on time, and the whole project was a huge success for us and for our client.

The Outcome

Our team delivered fully translated documents and training modules on time along with on-site interpreting of the training material and instructional lectures and videos. As a result, the workers understood the ins and outs of the process and understood their role in the manufacturing process. Consequently, their performance increased by 150% in just a month after we were onboarded to deliver language solutions. 

In addition, as the company started onboarding more workers we made sure each worker received the visa, work permit, and other documents on time by translating their original documents into English which accelerated their visa application and other processes. The company was finally able to build a strong team of remarkable workers assembled right here in their United Kingdom manufacturing unit.


Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.
— Günter Grass

Words travel worlds. Translators do the driving.
— Anna Rusconi

Translation is not a matter of words only: it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.
— Anthony Burgess

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