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How Transcribe Lingo Assisted a Leading Market Research Agency in Multi-Country Studies

Case Study:

The Challenge

Surely, market research agencies do relish multi-country studies. While it’s exciting, it also poses serious challenges when it comes to working with respondents from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. What made it challenging for our client was the requirement for expert linguists in different language pairs. 

The client was facing a multi-pronged challenge. On one hand, sourcing and negotiating with translators was turning out to be highly time-consuming. On the other, the client’s translation project management team was under tremendous pressure with growing demand for translation, transcription and localisation work all vying for maximum attention as the project progressed.

The client felt like the team was at the breaking point and needed us to rescue the project as they were running out of schedule. Transcribe Lingo was roped in to streamline the process and help with transcription and translation for their ongoing multi-country studies.

Transcribe Lingo was their ideal LSP to partner with as we offer a range of language services. The client wanted to leverage our expertise in quantitative and qualitative projects to finish the project on time. Put simply, the challenge was a) to get rid of the time-consuming process of hiring translators and transcribers for each language pair, and b) to help the client’s staff with transcription, translation and localisation.

The Solution

  • Transcribe Lingo assigned a dedicated Project Manager to understand the client’s requirements in a bit more detail and take the load off of the client’s team.

  • Transcribe Lingo sifted through the vast pool of linguistic talent at its disposal to identify the most suitable translators and transcribers to work on the client’s project. 

  • Transcribe Lingo assigned transcriptionists with relevant professional experience in the market research industry to work on the transcription of focus group content.

  • Transcribe Lingo delegated professional translators to break linguistic barriers between the client’s team and the foreign respondents to their international study.

  • Transcribe Lingo tasked proofreaders to ensure the delivery of the highest standard of translation and transcription work. Assistance was also provided with multilingual localisation of the client’s international survey for a 10-market study

The Result

The end result was that after offering the client a wide range of language services it could complete the multi-country study on time and with greater accuracy. Transcribe Lingo streamlined assigning linguists on the client’s project which saved lots of time for the client who got more to spend on the study itself. Transcribe Lingo delivered quality non-English language transcription and translation, besides interpreting for international focus groups.