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Do you know why law firms in London and elsewhere use Transcribe Lingo for language services?

We tell you ‘why’? Transcribe Lingo offers fast delivery of professional legal translation, transcription and interpretation services with a fast turnaround time. We don’t use computer programs but deploy human intelligence to provide law firms with quality language solutions. We account for textual conventions and colloquialisms used in the source text when translating legal documents. At Transcribe Lingo, we house linguists who are specialised in legal processes, hence better positioned to offer tailored legal language solutions.

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Legal Language Services


Transcribe Lingo offers professional translation services by humans, not machines. We’re experts in translating court documents into multiple languages accurately, a claim backed up by years of experience we have in the legal field.


We use human transcribers when it comes to legal transcription services. Legal audio/video recordings carry immense importance. This fact isn’t lost on our transcribers delivering fast and accurate court transcripts in multiple languages.


Interpreting services in legal settings are the backbone of international litigation. At Transcribe Lingo, native, certified interpreters help law firms and legal professionals communicate freely in multiple languages no matter the location.


Transcribe in every language

Legal Language Requirements are Highly Technical & Need Specialised Service

When it comes to the legal text, it’s highly technical and needs specialised hands conversant in the legal system and vocabulary to handle it. We fit in as a professional legal translation agency which is experienced in providing tailored language services to the sector. We deliver a highly accurate translation of legal documents with impeccable project management and a quick turnaround.

Data Security & Certified Accuracy

One of the major concerns of law firms seeking translation services is data security. We assure you our legal language services are confidentiality sensitive. We, in other words, pay special attention to privacy and data security and ensure it’s protected at all costs. All the information shared with us remains confidential. No information is disclosed. We don’t use AI tools for translation or transcription purposes where the risks of data theft are highest. We use human translators and transcribers bound by a ‘Non-Disclosure Agreement’ to ensure data security.

In addition to confidentiality, we know how important certified accuracy is for law professionals. All the content we translate or transcribe, we ensure is done by specialist linguists with a background in the legal field. Put simply, you can rely on our legal translators for culturally relevant and accurate translations delivered within agreed upon timeframes.

Experts in Legal Language Services

We assign a dedicated project manager to law firms experienced in working with law firms of all sizes and individual counsels. Transcribe Lingo can deliver sworn and notarised translations for official processes and offer fast turnaround times. In addition to legal document translation, we also offer transcription (in-person and digital), minute-taking and legal interpreting (simultaneous and consecutive) services.

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