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Interview Transcription Services

Transcribe Lingo is a leading provider of interview transcription services in the United Kingdom. We have delivered transcription services to numerous industries that include market research, legal, medical and academic transcriptions. We lead the market in providing big and small firms with high-quality and cost-effective interview transcription services for years now and have had the widest range of clients from all sectors using our services for transcribing audio and video recordings. Whether it’s the verbatim or intelligent verbatim transcripts that you need, we have you covered. 

Without further ado, get in touch with our specialists to convert your audio recordings to text files so that you can store the referencable version of your interviews in text format for future use. We assign native-speaking and authorised transcribers who are experienced in the field to convert all your interview recordings into written documents. We can also provide services including typing services, intelligent verbatim transcription, dictation services, focus group transcription, interview transcription, etc.

How it Works

Upload & Select your Service

Securely upload your files via email and encrypted data transfer systems. Select from a range of transcription services offered to place your order.

Transcription Work Starts

After recording your details, the project manager will assign an experienced transcriber whose skills match your requirements to deliver transcripts within the agreed deadline.​

Transcripts Delivered Securely

Third, we will deliver all transcripts to you via email or other preferred methods and in your preferred format, downloadable and editable.​

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Interview Transcription in Multiple Languages

First of all, at Transcribe Lingo, we accept digital audio and video recordings in the following format: WMV, WAV, MP3, DSS, MP4, MPEG and DVD files. Secondly,  we want you to know that we have specialists for over a dozen foreign languages, which means we’re fully capable to deliver English to English transcription services besides transcribing audio files in foreign languages to English. In other words, we can both transcribe and translate transcripts of interviews from foreign languages to English and vice versa at cost-effective rates. Using professional transcribers to convert audio interviews to text means that you will get transcripts that are easier to read, hence lend themselves easily to analysis so that you can draw valuable insights. Additionally, if you wanted to publish the interview or share it with team members, doing so with text versions of interviews is easier compared to audio or video recordings.

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Why Should You Transcribe Interviews

Transcribing an interview multiplies its utility. However, the biggest hurdle is that transcribing is a time-consuming process! But that doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea altogether! It would be better if you outsourced transcription to Transcribe Lingo for our transcribers to do it for you at affordable prices. That will save you time and plenty of headaches! Furthermore, the text versions of the interviews don’t contain any background noise or unwanted words. As a result, you can edit them, store them, and analyse them very easily without hassle and in a short amount of time.

Our Interview Transcription Services Briefly Explained

Here at Transcribe Lingo, we can transcribe all types of research interviews including one-on-one interviews and focus groups. Only if a transcriber is adept in the subject matter of your audio recording will he be assigned to transcribe it to text which they do with utmost accuracy. Our team of transcribers are experienced in multiple sectors and can deliver transcripts that you are satisfied with. 

Why Us?

When it comes to transcribing interviews, you will need a reliable transcription partner that can deliver quality transcripts. If you don’t want auto-generated transcripts which are full of errors, we have you covered. Within a quick turnaround time, we can deliver quality transcripts all the while ensuring unmatched data security and confidentiality.

Convert Audio or Video to Text

Our team of experienced transcribers can convert all types of audio and video files to text in multiple languages and in numerous transcript formats depending on their use case.

Verbatim: These transcripts capture full detail from the recordings but leave out non-essentials like false starts, stutters, “errms” and “umms.” Moreover, we guarantee word-for-word accuracy across all transcripts.

Intelligent Verbatim: However, if what you require is a concise summary of your recordings, then we can deliver intelligent verbatim transcripts as well. This makes relevant information easily available and accessible distraction-free.

Additionally, you can also request our transcribers to add timestamps or speaker identification or timestamps to the transcripts as and when required!

All You Need to Know About Our Interview Transcription Services

We use SSL encrypted data sharing systems to protect your privacy and transcriptions are performed by transcribers who have signed NDA with Transcribe Lingo. Moreover, we’re the most affordable human-only transcription agency that doesn’t rely on machines. Yet we complete your projects within the agreed deadline and with maximum accuracy. Irrespective of what sector you belong to, business, academic, medical, or legal, our transcription services will suffice to get your transcription job done on time and within budget. Simply put, your search for “transcription services near me” ends here as we’re just a click away!

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