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Best Transcription Services in Sussex

Transcribe Lingo is a human-only transcription agency in Sussex specialising in accurate and secure transcription services trusted by hundreds of clients in and around Sussex, UK. With cost-effective transcription pricing, you can get more done without breaking the bank as we’re the most affordable transcription agency on the market with a highly skilled workforce: professional transcribers and project managers.

Across sectors, our all-around transcription solutions cater to the transcription needs of universities, law enforcement agencies, businesses, healthcare and market research sectors, law firms, media and insurance organisations, and counting! Without further ado, contact us for SSL-encrypted and NDA-compliant transcription services carried out by professional transcriptionists with expertise in your niche industry who have signed a strict non-disclosure agreement. Transcribe Lingo also offers: typing services, intelligent verbatim transcription, dictation services, focus group transcription, interview transcription, etc.

How it Works

Upload & Select your Service

Securely upload your files via email and encrypted data transfer systems. Select from a range of transcription services offered to place your order.

Transcription Work Starts

After recording your details, the project manager will assign an experienced transcriber whose skills match your requirements to deliver transcripts within the agreed deadline.​

Transcripts Delivered Securely

Third, we will deliver all transcripts to you via email or other preferred methods and in your preferred format, downloadable and editable.​

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Quality Transcription Anywhere in Sussex

Transcribe Lingo’s transcription service is highly rated for its sheer quality and accuracy. We’re a major transcript supplier to leading universities like Sussex University, market research and legal firms, and other private and public organisations. Our process is simple, just upload your audio recordings to receive a quote via email.

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Best Audio Transcription Agency in Sussex

When it comes to the best transcription agency in Sussex, there’s no match to Transcribe Lingo which offers accurate, secure and professional services. If you don’t want auto-generated transcripts which are full of errors, we have you covered. Within a quick turnaround time, we deliver quality human-done or manual transcription services in Sussex and commit ourselves to upholding the non-disclosure agreements to the letter.

Sussex University Transcription Services

If you’re an academic or a student (from Sussex University) and looking for university transcription services, you’ve come to the right place. At Transcribe Lingo, we can transcribe recorded lectures, research interviews, meetings, dictations, and more, accurately and securely. Simply put, we can provide you with affordable, accurate, and confidential transcription services; irrespective of whether you’re a student or an academic from Business, Research, or any other department.

Convert Audio File to Text in Sussex

We house experienced transcribers who can convert all types of audio and video files to text in multiple languages and in multiple transcript formats depending on their use case, and, of course, your requirements.

Verbatim: These transcripts capture full detail from the recordings but leave out non-essentials like false starts, stutters, “errms” and “umms.” Moreover, we guarantee word-for-word accuracy across all transcripts.

Intelligent Verbatim: However, if you require a concise summary of your recordings, then we can also deliver intelligent verbatim transcripts. This makes relevant information easily available and accessible distraction-free.

You can also request our transcribers to add timestamps or speaker identification or timestamps to the transcripts as and when required!

What Else You Need to Know About Sussex Transcription Services

Partnering with Sussex’s leading transcription agency that fully understands your needs and provides a tailored solution is a must if you want the best transcription outcome, both in quantity and quality. At Transcribe Lingo, we house a team of experienced transcribers who offer a truly fantastic transcription experience.

Guaranteed Confidentiality for Sensitive Documentation

Our transcription service is confidentiality sensitive. In other words, we pay special attention to privacy and data protection. All the information shared with us remains confidential. Put simply, we deploy sector-specific transcribers for audio-video transcription of recordings from sectors like finance, education, market research, legal, etc.

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