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How Transcribe Lingo Helped a Financial Firm Transcribe HR Meetings

Case Study

First Contact: Our Clients Finds Online That Transcribe Lingo is a Specialist Agency for Financial Transcription Services

It’s not unusual for clients to come to us after searching for financial transcription services online. What makes us a specialist agency is deploying financial experts to convert to text finance-related audio files accurately, securely and quickly. Our client from the financial sector needed HR meeting recordings transcribed urgently and choose Transcribe Lingo to do it for them. 

The Challenge: Transcription Services for HR Meetings

HR department is an important department for any business. All the human capital is dependable on it. Therefore, recorded HR interviews are equally important and contain sensitive information. 

HR has to deal with employees, while at the same time ensuring the company functions as efficiently as possible. Both internally and externally, HR is responsible for maintaining ethical conduct. Day in and day out, HR professionals conduct meetings, which is a regular and common practice in the field. That has made transcription services and dictation typing services inevitable for businesses looking to record conversations in text format for future reference. 

Transcribe Lingo was contacted by a large financial institution to help with transcription services for HR meetings, which we delivered in multiple formats within a quick turnaround.

verbatim transcription

The Solution: How We Dealt With BulK HR Recordings?

The challenge for our transcription team was to handle the bulk transcription needs of our client from the financial sector and to ensure the smooth delivery of transcripts within agreed-upon deadlines and without a miss. 

Since the client was a big financial company with hundreds of employees, we expected right away that we were in a for a long game. Hundreds of employees mean there were chances that the client had recorded numerous interviews, and we certainly expected hundreds of audio files, which it was actually – the total number of recordings to be transcribed turned out to be 136

Our Approach: Assigning a Dedicated Project Manager 

Our approach was just like it has always been. That’s to assign a dedicated project manager to handle the project separately. With the project manager as a bridge or primary point of contact between the client’s HR department and our transcribers, we ensured the regular delivery of quality transcripts without a miss.

Verbatim Transcription for HR Disciplinary Meetings & Grievances

For transcribing HR disciplinary meetings and grievances, we suggested using verbatim transcription services so that audio recordings were converted to text without including verbal tics, which make the document unreadable and cut the flow of the text. 

Additionally, whenever we felt like a transcript needs a bit of tidying up to improve readability, we leveraged our editing and proofreading team to further polish the transcript without distorting the meaning of the recording or missing out on a detail.


First of all, Transcribe Lingo transcribed the HR team’s grievances and disciplinary meeting recordings with efficiency, accuracy, and confidentiality that they loved and appreciated very much. 

Secondly, Transcribe Lingo provided the Client with legally recognised transcripts of proceedings, which it can produce before any court of law to be considered as legally valid documentation. 

Thirdly, with Transcribe Lingo’s human-done transcription of HR meetings, the client accumulated a wealth of information for future use and reference as and when the need arises.

You too can rely on Transcribe Lingo to convert audio to text quickly and securely. We assign subject matter experts to transcribe audio recordings of financial nature. Contact us for transcribing financial reports, interim results, annual meetings, investor calls, sales reports, and much more.