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Quanitative Market Research

We work with some of the industry’s largest, leading market research fieldwork agencies and end clients, providing a full range of quantitative market research language services.

Years of sector experience, combined with a full understanding of different markets around the world means you can trust us with your most complex projects.

Quantitative Market Research Language Services

Link Checking

Highest quality Overlay and Link Checking Service, Translation of Surveys at competitive prices.

Coding and Code Frame Creation

Our expert coders are able to create code frames from scratch and tailor them to our client’s objectives.


Our specialist in‑house online survey teams have years of experience overlaying and link checking XML, XLATE and XLIFF files and work with survey platforms such as Confirmit, Decipher and Dimensions, meaning your surveys are in good hands.

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Transcribe your Content on Time

Using non-reliable automated tools like software for transcription can adversely affect your business. It will distort the linguistic coherence of the recordings and produce documents which don’t make much sense. Documents that are incomprehensible and don’t lend themselves easily to analysis, are as good as nothing! That’s why it’s important to assign a reliable transcription provider to transcribe your content within the stipulated time. 

At Transcribe Lingo, we deliver accurate transcripts in multiple languages with fast turnaround times. Get quality transcripts with Transcribe Lingo for recordings, whether in audio or video format, of interviews, meetings, conferences, speeches, etc. We transcribe accurately and quickly between the same language or from one language to another. All transcripts we produce undergo quality checks to ensure no errors creep in!


Transcribe in every language

Guaranteed Confidentiality for Sensitive Documentation

Our transcription service is confidentiality sensitive. In other words, we pay special attention to privacy and data protection. All the information shared with us remains confidential. Put simply, we deploy sector-specific transcribers for audio-video transcription of recordings from sectors like finance, education, market research, legal, etc.

Translate Audio or Video into Another Language Directly

We can translate audio/video content into another language directly and convert it into a written document without having to first transcribe it into the source language. We can do this for market research interviews, webinars, marketing videos, films, etc. requiring quick transcription into another language. For example, a market research interview in German could be transcribed directly into English in a single step. It’s less time-consuming than transcribing it into German and then translating the transcript from German to English. 

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