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Engineering Translation Services

At Transcribe Lingo, we provide our clients from the engineering sector with quality, accurate, and confidential engineering translation services in 14 languages. All these translations are performed by native translators who have actual experience in the engineering sector and are adept in the subject matter and terminology.

Our Process

Initial Assessment

The process begins with our experts thoroughly assessing your document’s or content’s style, tone, context, technical language, and other requirements.


Based on our initial analysis, we assign an experienced translator who best understands the stylistic, cultural, and linguistic requirements of the source document and translates accordingly.


The final draft goes to the Project Manager for his review. Once approved for delivery, the documents are prepared for delivery in the right format via secure channels.

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Get Accurate Engineering Translation Services from Transcribe Lingo at Competitive Prices

What’s required to deliver error-free engineering translations is, out of many things, for the translators to be able to use the right vocabulary and, simultaneously, ensure that the translation has a native flow. We deliver that by ensuring only translators with subject knowledge and native language skills are assigned to perform engineering translation services.

We can translate engineering documents including operating and maintenance manuals, data sheets, technical proposals, product catalogues, technical patents, and training materials. In addition, we can also localise your websites and apps, and marketing campaigns. Moreover, we can help our clients with technical document translations including translating drawings and diagrams without distorting the original format.


Translate in every language

A Reliable Engineering Translation Company 

Numerous engineering firms rely on us to meet their translation needs. For individual engineers and big firms, we’re the reliable and most trusted engineering translation company to partner with. All our translators come from engineering backgrounds and have the sound subject knowledge to translate technical content with utmost accuracy. Meanwhile, we charge only a nominal translation fee compared to other agencies on the market and ensure fast delivery of translations.

So if you too need engineering documents to be translated from one language to another, you can entrust your translation to our able translators who will leverage their linguistic skills and technical knowledge to provide you with quality translations in over 14 languages.

Why Engineering Companies Should Choose Transcribe Lingo for Translation?

Engineering translation is more specialised and is unlike any other translation given the immense technicalities involved. Engineering companies want two things from language services providers: one is for the translators to be specialists in engineering subject matter; the second is for translators to be native speakers of the target language

And at Transcribe Lingo, we have a team of translators who are both native speakers and experts in engineering subject matter. And won’t find any difficulty translating engineering terminology and jargon. Moreover, with SSL encryption and ISO quality control processes, we ensure you have a smooth and productive translation experience while working with us.

Translation Services for All Engineering Sectors

Whether it’s a mechanical, manufacturing, software or any other engineering sector, our translation services will suffice to meet all your needs irrespective of the sector you’re in and the language pairs required. Our professional engineering translators are proficient in subject knowledge and languages required to deliver over 99% accurate translations so that you can communicate freely with your potential audience who doesn’t speak your language. Our translators have cultural awareness, knowledge and linguistic ability to deliver neat and clean translation services.

Fast Translations Delivered on Time

For all your urgent translation needs, Transcribe Lingo is the perfect agency to get translations delivered on time and with the utmost accuracy. Our quality project management ensures that our clients have a smooth and stress-free experience working with us. We take care of the technicalities involved and ensure the right translator gets to work on your project. In short, we can deliver quality translations to engineering companies that have native flow, clarity and precision without grammatical and spelling errors.

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