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Packaging Translation Services

Transcribe Lingo is the #1 agency providing packaging translation services in multiple language pairs. We assign native translators experienced in translating product packaging to break language barriers between products and consumers. For this, manufacturers rely on our translation services.

Labels provide important information to users. And in a way educates consumers about specifications, etc. Therefore, packaging translation that has been done accurately is a must. Moreover, the translator doing it has to be adept in the target culture. Knowing the culture is important to localise packaging accurately without miscommunicating information.

Our Process

Initial Assessment

The process begins with our experts thoroughly assessing your document’s or content’s style, tone, context, technical language, and other requirements.


Based on our initial analysis, we assign an experienced translator who best understands the stylistic, cultural, and linguistic requirements of the source document and translates accordingly.


The final draft goes to the Project Manager for his review. Once approved for delivery, the documents are prepared for delivery in the right format via secure channels.

packaging translation services

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We Translate Product Packaging Accurately Because We Know the Technicalities Involved

In product packaging, both images and words on the label are equally important. So both have to be taken care of by the translator, which demands a certain level of expertise. This is where Transcribe Lingo chips in to help businesses with packaging translation as we know the technicalities involved and understand the target culture and language well. 

For example, a translator must know what information has to be mandatorily on the product labels. How to creatively translate marketing slogans, and localise colour schemes, and images, so that they align with the target language and culture.


Translate in every language

Multilingual Packaging Translation Services for Global Success

Transcribe Lingo is a leading translation agency providing packaging translation services in multiple languages. That’s the reason multinational companies across sectors like medicine, food and cosmetics use Transcribe Lingo’s language services to engage with their international customers as we help them overcome linguistic barriers. We deliver accurate product packaging translations that enhance user experience and are compliant with global regulations regarding packaging translations.

Why is it Necessary to Translate Labels or Packaging?

Translating labels is necessary for launching a product in an overseas market, and not to mention it’s also a necessity from the regulatory point of view. We adapt label or packaging content to the target language and culture while ensuring imagery and colours are accurately localised.

Need Labels & Packaging Translation Services?

All your labelling and packaging translation needs are met at Transcribe Lingo where language specialists experienced in the niche industry deliver accurate translations. Write to us at hello@transcribelingo.com or call directly on +44 121 295 8707 (for UK) and +1 213 669 6381 (for US).

Who Needs Label Translation Services?

Translating product packaging is a necessity for many sectors. Whether it’s food, medicine and pharmaceuticals, or the cosmetics industry, they all need to translate their product labels into many languages because their products are used everywhere.

Food Packaging Translation

Food companies are mandated by EU law to manually translate nutritional information on the packaging or labels. Other information like marketing slogans and company information on the front of the package also needs to be translated. Besides, other mandatory information like country of origin, health claims, and lists of ingredients are to be translated as well.

Medicine and Pharmaceutical Packaging Translation

The product names on the packaging have to be translated accurately. Also, the labels have information regarding the use of devices that needs to be translated into the national language by experts who are industry specialists.

Cosmetics Packaging Translation

Similarly, cosmetics products have plenty of information printed on the label. Whether it’s the information regarding their function, ingredients or warnings on the label, the same needs to be translated into each EU country’s national language.

Language Requirements for Translating Product Packaging

What you should know about translating product packaging is the legal requirements set by various agencies in and around the EU. for example, the kind of information to be given on the labels is mandated by laws, and so is the language that information should be given in. As different countries have different national languages, there’s ample need and demand for packaging translation services

For instance:

    • If you’re shipping products to Canada the labels should have the information printed in English and French languages. 
    • Similarly, if you’re packaging products for Mexico, it’s mandatory to have the information printed in the Spanish language
    • Additionally, some EU countries want businesses to have packaging labels in multiple languages.

So it’s for other regions where also need to have labels in the national languages is very much in vogue, and in some cases mandated by law. That’s why partnering with Transcribe Lingo is an absolute necessity for many businesses that rely on us for translating packaging labels. 

For example, we can help you translate labels or packaging from French to English and vice versa; Spanish to English and vice versa. You can check out here all the languages we can translate labels into.